clouds, blue, green, white, sea, palm tree, wave, calm, dark, wind, blow, pencil, people, road,


Clouds are joining each other from 3 ways to being one at the crossroad. Green, white, blue roads. Initially, green ones appeared that like palm trees start to show theirselves slowly, under opened sky. Wind blowed its branches, and slowed down. The branches are dark like pencil drawing that exist all details. Afterwards, blue ones are on the road, covered the horizon as soldiers that angry people for their personality running for their enemies and reached the crossroad. Lastly, dirty white clouds came from afar. Futuristic clouds shaped like boxes that unreachable and untouchable. Birds are flying under the boxes. When all clouds reached each other. Sky turned to funfair. Palm trees, angry soldiers, and dirty boxes. All roads had different histories, all roads will have common future.

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